Selecting A Wood Fence For Your New House Plan

In this day and age, many property owners prefer to fence their properties. There are a lot of fences in the market. They come in numerous shapes and sizes. Although this much information can sometimes be overwhelming. But before a home owner can choose any fencing style, they need to check with their local zoning or home owners association for any rules or regulations about building around your area or in your property. Sometimes they may regulate placement, style and size. Other areas also require that a home owner install a fence a few feet from their property line. Here are some important factors you should understand before selecting a fence.


You have to determine the purpose or role you expect the fence to play. Just like you consider which style you will use, you must also think about what it is you want your fence to do. Many home owners install fences to keep their children and pets out of trouble or harm’s way. Other install fences for privacy and security, others want to secure their swimming pools while others want a decoration or change of style. After knowing your reason for installing a fence, you can now choose between the available styles of privacy, semi-privacy or decorative fencing.


Style can often times be tricky when choosing. A privacy fence is mainly made of solid panels and is very tall around 6 feet or 8 feet. Semi private fences have solid panel but are shorter and might have lattice work. Decorative fence are mainly to add a little color on your yard or keep your pets and children safe. Another alternative one can implement is planting natural fences using a hedge bush or arborvitaes. They absorb sounds and provide privacy.


Choosing the right material can also be a little confusing since there are various fencing materials available. You can choose from wood, steel aluminum, iron, vinyl and so forth. These materials all have different characteristics and provide good fencing options for home owners. Wood is more traditional and affordable. However, they need more maintenance. They require constant staining, painting, and cleaning. The metal fences are stronger than wood and are durable. Their maintenance is also lower with repainting after a few years. Vinyl is the most durable and is maintenance free.


Make sure you interview a couple of top Houston wood fence contractors. The cost will be affected by the size of the yard, style and material used in making the fence. A bigger yard will be fenced using more materials which will also cost a lot of money than a small yard. Materials made of metal and vinyl costs more than those made of wood. Using tall materials will also cost more as compared to when using short materials for fencing.

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